Are Guns A Disease?

Someone stopped by searching for “are guns a disease?”

Guns are more like coffee. Somewhat habit forming but generally not a cause of pain, unease, or death. And, like coffee, whose consumption is said to help avert many diseases such as colon cancer and Alzheimer’s, indulging in the gun habit may very well avert pain, unease, or death. The latest prison surveys suggest the possible presence of a gun prevents upwards of ten million serious crimes a year, while the total number of crimes committed during 2011 in which a gun was present was somewhat less than 200,000.

Of course, some doctors are in the mindless habit of calling guns or access to guns a disease. They endlessly quote absurd numbers about the wonders of foreign gun control laws, when they have no slightest clue about the facts of the case. And most will tell you that they are scientists.

As I have shown here, doctors are far more likely to cause pain, unease, or death than any given gun, or any lawful gun owner.

As I pointed out, using official numbers from the AMA for the iatrogenic death rate for physicians of 0.378 deaths per physician per year…

Statistically, doctors are approximately 90,370 times as likely to accidentally kill a patient as a given gun is. Or, if you prefer, keeping in mind the vast disparity in numbers between doctors and guns, a doctor is 452 times as likely to kill someone by accident as any given gun. Therefore, doctors are far more dangerous than either guns or gun owners


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