Are Gun Sales Really Slowing?

“Oldfield” asks if gun sales are really slowing.

I do not know, but before any decision can be made, one must determine availability of product, the ability of buyers to get to market, and several other things.

For guns, apparently every gun available was sold during the Christmas shopping season, and since President Trump’s early November election the weather has been remarkably foul across most of the U.S.

Locally, the weather has been fairly mild, and dealers racks and displlay cases remain empty. If actual demand had fallen, one would expect there would be plenty of guns available to refill those empty racks and cases, but they are still pretty much bare.

I am sure it will warm up soon, production data will allow a production estimate, and the situation will become clearer.

But for the time being, don’t bet on it. Our gun rights are in as much jeopardy as they have ever been, so sales will continue at a brisk level – and may well set new records.


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