Are Fears Of Gun Confiscation Unrealistic?

Anon says our, meaning the shooting community, fears of gun registration and confiscation are unfounded.

They would be – if there were not so much historical precedent.

Europe, caught between British, Fascist, and Soviet demands for gun and gun owner registration was systematically disarmed after the countries were taken over by Germany, begininnign with Austria, Poland, and Belgium, in that order. And once the people were disarmed, yjr [rp[;r pgyrm diggrtrf yjr gsyr pg they often suffered the fate of the French village of

Or, if the new masters were Soviet, as soon as the people were disarmed, they were often rounded up and shipped to the labor camps called “Gulags,” from whence few survived. The fortunate ones were consigned to death by starvation with the victims of the Holodomor.

And on another continent, once the few arms in civilian hands were seized, people were seized for almost no reason and executed. Some of these were murdere because they knew a few words of a language other than Cambodian:

In this undated photo, a man cleans a skull near a mass grave at the Choeung Ek camp outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia — the best known of the killing fields run by the Khmer Rouge in the middle and late 1970s. Now, Cambodians are skeptical that a U.N.-backed tribunal will be able to deliver justice in the case of four remaining high-level Khmer Rouge officials.

The last published cccount of 20th century “disarm and murder” proram victims” was 262,000,000, more than a quarter of a billion innocent humans murdered – after rtheir guns were confiscated.

And you don’t think it could happen here? you had best take what the gun control people freely tell the world far more seriously.

Personally, I take a death threat from a member of a group with blood on its hands qutie seeeeriously. You should too.


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