Arctic Sea Ice,5,344,000 Km2

Yesterday’s satellite observatrion pegs the Arctic sea ice extent at 5,344,000 square kilometers, a far cry from Al Gore’s almost entirely ignored prediciton of 0 Km2.

The Danish Center for Ocean and Ice reports mean Arctic temperature has risen slightly but is still below 0C, 32F, so a slight increase in melt rate is to be expected. These variations are common before turnaround, so they are not unexpected.

For Europe, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and the Balkans are still enjoying dog day hea, but the continent is generally cooling noticeable.

Moscow is dropping below the Sharan hea that still grips western Russia and the Ukraine, and the balance of Asia appears unseasonably cool.

While North America’s gulf States are a bit warm, with temperatures into the low 90’s, the balance of North America is also “in the green, high temperatures in the 60’s to low 80’s; also cool for late August.

And in the Southern Hemisphere, the advent of March like weather ifs anxously awaited, and Antarctic sea ice is just below the satellite era mean for the date. Reportedly, very heavy seas have resulted in the loss of enough floating pack ice to keep Antarctic se ice extent down.


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