Arctic Sea Ice up, 4,788,000 Km2 Above Prediciton

our regular source for Arctic sea ice extent cam in at 4,788,999 square kilometers, exactlly 4,788,000 Km2 greater than Al Gore’s famous prediction of Zero, forever.

Mean Arctic temperature seems to be -6C just below the freezing point of sea water in the Arctic. Wafts of warm “temperte zone” air keep pushing the mean temperatures back up. If the absence of tropical storms in the Pacific mean anything that should come to a major slowdown pretty quickly, and temperatures should decline quickly.

and finally, a quick look at the source of warmth for our planet,, the sun, shows just one tiny microspot, covering about one third of a percent of what someone dependng on Solar Cycles 19 through 23 would expect this far out from the normal end of Cycle 24. Which means Ol’Sol is cranking out less heat than it did in past solar cycles, and we can expect another Dalton type “Grand Climate Minimum.”

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