Arctic Sea Ice Extent 8.824,000 Km2 Above Prediction

The July 8, 2017 Arctic sea ice reading is 8,824,000 square kilometers above Al Gore’s prediction of zero.

Mean arctic tempreatures have finally reached 2F, 1C or 275 Absolute,slightly below normal for the date.

This is the fasted part of the summer melt, and the rate should start slowing in another 40 days, reversing around September 14. At the moment it appears the major driver of the melt is Asian soot and fly ash,which hold heat and lower the freezing point of water, meaning the summer melt may be extended a few days.

Northern hemisphere temperatures appear generally a bit cooler than normal, with a high in northern Poland of 79,and the U.S.Norther tier temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s F.

Normal high here on July 8 is 96, and yesterday’s official high was 86F,and oday’s prediction is 92 but current Temperature is only 78, so I do not think the mercury will get that high.

We do have a hot spot on the top side of our planet. Arizona rep;orted 117,which is pretty warm. I recall a few things from the big heat wave of 1936, when the temperature at Salina, Knsas reached 126 in the shade but there was no shade. Which was pretty warm by any standard.

On the bottom end, the media is having nip ups over a Rhode Islan size chunk of the Antarctic ice shelf that appears likely to break off and head for the equatoer. Since that ice is floating and exposed to winds and tides calving a floe that size is no surprise, and certainly no record.


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