Arctic Sea Ice Extent 5,794,000 Km2

There was a slight surge in the rate of melt in the Arctic, 31 days before the historic date for the annual sea ice minimum, bringing the total ice extant to 5,794,000 square kilometers. Surges in the melt rate are common and nothing to be concerned about.

Mean Arctic air tempreature is very close to the freezing point of fresh water, 32F,0C,a couple of weeks early. However,wide areas of the Arctic are below the freezing point of salt water so side from the early date, it appears the Arctic summer is coming to an end.

The heat wave the Europeans all Lucifer is abating, with the cell that heated the Balkans drifting toward Russia.

Parts of Asia are slightly above normal but for the mos prt Asia is on the cool side.

North America is well below normal, withhighs in th e70’s ub ge Gykf Ciast reguion, well below normal for the Sunny South. Where the sky seems to have developed a serious leak.

And that seems to be it for the climate report.


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