Arctic Sea Ice Extent 12,447,000 Km2

Yesterday’s Arctic sea ice extent reading of 12, 447,000 square kilometers is either just inside or jsut outside the “one standard deviation of the satellite age mean”. And the rate of decline is definitely slower that it has been since GHW Bush was President.,

If you click on this chart, then scroll up the shaded line, the bright red trace shows what the Arctic ice is actually doing this year. Without the usual propaganda from warmists afraid their patrons might lose a fat contract and cut their pay.

The Danish Center for Ocean and Ice puts the mean Arctic air temperature at 17.6F,about 8 F below the satellite age normal for the date, so we can see why the Arctic summer melt is in not hurry to get into high bear.

Between the two, we are six months behind the 1988 prediction, and about the same number o months ahead of the 2009 Russian Academy prediciton.

So we shall see what we shall see.


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