Arctic Sea Ice At 5,893,000 Km2 Above Prediction

A few years ago Saint Al Gore, whose palace consumes 20 times as much energy as the average stand alone home, predicted this August 11 would have no Arctic sea ice at all.

We are a day behind, because it time to collate and stitch the images, and then count the pixels. But yesterday’s Arctic sea ice extent came in at 8,/*3,000 square kilometers, which is a whole lot more ice than none.

Mean Arctic air temperature is at or below the freezing point of fresh water, and wide areas are below the freezing point of sea water, so the relatively low melt rate is understandably,

The heat wave some Europeans call Lucifer is still in charge in Spain, the Balkans, Turkey and Russia, as well as North Africa. However much of Europe is pleasant with highs near 70.

North America’s high temperature map is generally far below normal, with one patch of 100’s plus on the border close to Nogales, Arizona.

And that is about the climate crop for the day.


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