Arctic Sea Ice at 14,282,000 Km2

March 13 is the historic mean date for the Arctic’s IceMax. Scratching off another item on the to-do list, yesterday’s Arctic sea ice extent came in at 14,282,000 Square Kilometers.

That is not a record by any means. If we had significant ice coverage in areas such as the Sea of Okhotsk and similar areas generally included with the Arctic, this last winter would rank much higher but that will be for a future year.

On the Antarctic end, Ice Minimum was 2,214,000 Km2, which would be enough ice for anyone’s Martini. No record, but reports of the Antarctic ice sheets freezing from the bottom a month after IceMin suggest more ice later.

And back in the Arctic, mean Arctic air temperature is give as 245K, or -20F or -30C. And falling.

The temperature is close to the Satellite Age man fo rthe date, but the falling is not at all usual.

We shall see what we shall see


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