Arctic Sea Ice, 14,109,000 Square Kilometers More Than Predicted

No, I have not forgotten the climate, but I have had other matters on my mind. Including a less than t5wo hour window to post.

Yesterday’s Arctic sea ice extent comes in at 14,109,000 KIm2, approximately 1,200,000 Km2 below the Satellite age mean, but exactly 14,109,000 Km2 grater than climate guru’s prediction for this winter of zero Arctic sea ice.

The reason for the slow growth in sea ice extent is quite clear. Prevailing jet streams and high altitude winds are picking up massive amounts of Asian soot and fly ash, retaining heat, and slowing the growth of the sea ice and promotes snow melt in the Arctic

This effect is most noticeable on Siberia’s east coast, where the Sea of Okhotsk, normally frozen many meters deep, is comparatively ice free.

Of course, Asian industrial and power plants emit many times as much soot and fly ash as the United States, so an attempt to “fix the problem” by spending up to 100 trillion dollars to cut American emissions is doomed to failure. Although those who have become billionaires pushing “clean energy to cut pollution” think it is a gold mine.


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