Arctic Sea Ice 13,720 Km2 Above Prediction

The Arctic sea ice extent currently stands at 12,720,000 square kilometers of area, which also happens ti be 13,720,000 Km2 above climate guru Al Gore’s prediction for the date.

If you click on the link, above, and then click again to expand the graphic, the bright red line shows what the Arctic ice has been doing. Even with an enormous load of Asian soot and fly ash darkening the snow the melt has been much less pronounced than usual for the first five weeks of the summer melt. While the the extent on September 13 is unknown, I do not expect a new satellite age minimum extent.

As an added datapoint, China reportedly has almost 400 coal fired power plants under construction, with more than 800 more in some stage of planning. I have heard no indication the Nation plans to add scrubbers to the new plants or retrofit old ones, so the soot situation will probably become worse as the new plants come on line.


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