Arctic Sea Ice 12,575,000 Km2 Over Prediction

An early morning check egs the Arctic sea ice extent at 112,575,000 square kilometers, with a slower than recent years melt rate. That is preciesly 12,575,000 Km2 grater than climate change huxter Al Gore’s prediction for the 2018 ice max, and the ice looks quite healthy.

Tjhe reason became apparent when I checked the mean Arctic Temperature, which is well below average for the date. This despite millions of square kilometers of the Arctic covered with “black snow,” Asian soot and fly ash on top of snow that turns the snow to heat collecting black.

Given the ability of soot to gather and retain heat, and the ability of fly ash to lower water’s freezing temperatures, the unusually slow decline in Arctic sea ice extent is worthy of note. Those who still do hard climate science say we will hit the bottom of the current climate minimum in ten to 12 years, and the minimum should last no more than 70 years as we huddle under our electric blankets.

If the warmists do not shut down the power plants.


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