Arctic Sea Ice, 112,736 Km2 greater than prediction

Yesterday’s Arctic sea ice reading came in at 12,736,000 square kilometers, which happens to be 12.736.000 square km greater than golobal warming peddler Saint Al Gore’s prediction of 0.

The reading for this date will not be a record, or even close to the satellite age mean, but it is a lot better than zero. The critical reading is the total in mid-March, when the ice extent is at it’s spring maximum.

The amount of Asian soot and fly ash falling in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea, and the Arctic all the way across to blackening Greenland, that will be the critical factor in this year’s total ice formation.

Average Arctic air temperature is hovering between 350 and 255K, or -23 to -18C or between -9 and 0F, take your pick. That is a bit warmer than usual, but on the other hand I see several reports of record setting amounts of cold and near record temperatures in the lower 48.

I will have a more complete data and commentary early next year, so keep watching this website.


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