Arctic Ice Extent, 10,124,000 Km2

Current Arctic sea ice extent is 10,124,000 square kilometers, which happens to be exactly 10,124,000 Km2 grater than Al gore’s prediction for the date.

Looking at the latest Arctic image shows some melting between Canada and Greenland, and major melting between Greenland and Europe, possibly as a result of heavy sootfall from Asian soot and fly ash.

On teh other hand, the Canadian to Siberia area shows little melting and thick ice between Easter Canada and Western Siberia. We should be 80 days from the end of the summer melt, and the next critical point is the amount of ice at minimum.

Mean Arctic air temperature is 1C, so any melt is likely to be slow. Particularly if the air temperature stays below the normal for the date through most of the remaining melt.

Temperature wise, U.S. air temperatures appear about ten degrees lower than I remember them as a journyman, going from job to job. It hit 88 yere yesterday, about ten degrees lower than normal for the last full weekend in June.

So the bottom line is that things seem t be going pretty mcuh as predicted 30 years ago but we need to put a couple of full years in our rear views before we make a decision.

In any event, it costs no more to buy warm clothes and bedding now, while they are on clearance rather than wait for necessity and pay more.


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