Arctic Air Temperature Hugging Freezing

The Danish Center for Ocean and Ice reports mean Arcitc air temperature is very slightly above freezing, well under the 34F temperature that is normal for this date.

Low air temperature implies a slower melt. Given the enormous amounts of Asian soot and fly ash picking up and retaining heat, that may not be strictly true, but the bright red 2018 trend line seems to be be easing toward the slower side.

Arctic Ice extent is well over Al Gore’s famous estimate by 9,960,000 square kilometers and the melt is proceeding as it has for the satellite age. We are some 83 days from the usual date for minimum ice, and a key point will be extent at that point in time. The expectation is for more ice than in recent years, but that is up to factors beyond our expectations.

In the meantime, it is in the high 70’s here seventy miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, We are enjoying it while we can.

So we shall see what we shall see when we see it.


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