April 6: What Do We Know About Trayvon Martin We Did Not Know Yesterday

It is probably the approach of Easter that has kept new speculation, and violence, over the Trayvon Martin case to a minimum. Other than the fact that audio enhancement shows George Zimmerman almost certainly did not use a “racial epithet,” not much about either Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman has been in the news that has not come out elsewhere.

The Orlando Sentinel has published an item outlining, sort of, what constitutes ‘probable cause’ for an arrest.

CNN seems to be trying to keep the story alive, repeating the now discredited “audio experts” story that the voice crying for help on the audio tape is not Zimmerman. Given the massive amount of harmonic shift between a normal speaking voice and a shout as the geometry of the lungs changes with diaphragm pressure, there is no way that will stand up to a challenge from a real expert.

CNN did take another look at Zimmerman’s words that dark and rainy night and came to a slightly different conclusion. With a schoolyard language warning:

Yes, it is pretty clear to me that Zimmerman was complaining of the cold in those last few moments before Martin confronted him.

More commentators have signed on to the Wagist’s timeline, that Martin was very nearly “home,” and Zimmerman was standing in an open area, probably shivering, waiting on the police. All Martin had to do was fade into his father’s girl friend’s apartment and he would have gotten away clean. Instead, he chose to confront Zimmerman.

That brings up the question of why, of course. “Dede,” Martin’s girl friend, says Martin had identified Zimmerman as Hispanic – although likely enough in words not quite so nice. And that brings back memories of that long unmentioned story of a run-in with “a” Hispanic at home.

But of course those who have their mouths set for wide scale confrontation will not see it that way. There has already been at least one confrontation. A gang set on a 78 year old Ohio man and beat him up. The man is a long time anti-violence protestor, but now he says he’s getting a gun and a carry permit.

One’s mind changes about such things when the body being beaten is yours, of course.

And that appears to be a wrap. I will take this up when I have something new to report.


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