“Any Chance For Repeal Of The Lautenberg Amendment?”

Someone stopped by searching for “any chance for repeal of the lautenberg amendment.”

Given the fact that the overwhelming majority of the victims of the Lautenberg Amendment are innocent of anything except perhaps raising their voice, there is a good chance of either overturning or repealing Lautenberg.

Invoking Lautenberg has become a favorite way for divorce lawyers, shysters would be a better word, to wring more money for their client out of a sympathetic judge. It is also true that many “split the blanket affairs” are initiated because of something the offending spouse allegedly did. So it is human nature for an angry spouse to lash out at the soon to be ex, with any weapons at hand. Permanent loss of gun rights is just another way of getting back at someone.

That said, there are increasing suggestions among lawyers that Lautenberg is unconstitutional. At this rate, given a good case the courts may very well overturn the law on that basis.

And there is also a good chance that Congress may become more inclined to either repeal Lautenberg, or to require a criminal conviction before the Amendment applies. Of course, someone with a felony conviction has already lost their Second Amendment rights.


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