ANTI’s Retain House Seat In Missouri

UPDATE Wu Chang reports there were four special elections, and Democrats had a 25% success ratio, winning 1 of 4. Click on the headline and scroll to the bottom for Wu Chang’s full comment. There are not a lot of tidings of comfort and joy for the ANTI-gun party when the facts came in. [end update]

A Democrat has replaced a Democrat in Missouri’s special election for State House of Representatives seat vacated by another member of the ANTI-gun party.

Mike Revis did not “flip” a seat, he maintained Partei control of the seat. And Revis wil either have to run again or retire this coming November.

I had hoped for better, but the reported 52-48 percent split between Revis and his Republican opponent is not a death knell for gun rights in Missouri.

It jsut means we are going to have to get our voters to the polls – or we will lose our gun rights in Missouri.


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2 Responses to ANTI’s Retain House Seat In Missouri

  1. wuchang says:

    What the headlines don’t tell you is that the Democrats lost the other 3 special elections.
    This district has a heavy Union membership demographic. They are basically pro gun and probably still on the Trump Train but Union stuff is still their bread and butter. The GOP has a substantial majority at the state legislature.

    Located on the southern border of St Louis County ( heavy Democrat voting for the last 60 plus years),Organized labor invested heavily in this district and only managed a 4 percent margin.
    The folks I know told me the GOP candidate did not really work as hard as the Democrat and that was crucial on voting day because the weather was pretty crappy and the GOP votes did not show up.

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks, Wu Chang. I get an excerpt as well as the headline, but there was nothing in the source about any other elections, so I appreciate the update. And all the other help you have given the Alley over the years.



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