Antifa Is Confused – As Well As Violent

Thanks to a post at Steve Bartin’s NewsAlert,I see the “Boston Antifa” says it is an Anarcho-Communist organization.

Anarcho refers to Anarchy, the state of “no government” and therefore no laws or regulations.

Communist rerfers to the antithesis of Anarchy, the most rigidly regulated societies that have ever existed on this planet.

The Fascism Antifa purports to oppose is “right wing” only because Russian Communists decalred it so. The difference between Communism and Fascism puzzles those who live under those schemes governance, since the only significant difference is the possession of private property. Property taxed at such a high rate that slavesto the apparat bust pay rent by the paycheck.

In either of the Socialist twins, the serfs are the subjects of the ruling elite, and are subject to the harshest punishment, including starvation to death, if they displease those masters.

However, so far as I can see, Antifa is just a Soros funded violence organizing group.


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