Antifa: Another Violence Organizing Group On Soros Payroll

Well, let’s add it up. The Charlottesville “demonstation by a Conservative group” was almost certainly paid, or at least promised pay, by Soros or one of his representatives.

Black Lives Matter has repeatedly complained of Soros being late in his payments to the organization.

The “Antifascist” group Antifa, whose spokesperson has made a comment that it is acceptable to kill Conservatives, turns out to be a Soros funded organization:

So at last weekend’s Chorlottesvill tragedy, we have a “white supremacist group” whose leader has been on the Soros violence organizing payroll in the past, The Black Lives Matter group which has publicly complained of Soros being a slow paying employer, and now the Antifa group making the same complaint as BLM.

Only the fourth group at Charlottesville, a group of local people quietly protesting the destruction of an historic monument and the renaming of a popular park seem not to have been on Soros payroll.

And whether or not the “wild card,” the young man who drove in from Ohio and murdered a popular young woman, was paid or not and if so by whom is an open question

Personally, I agree with Nebraska’s Senator Ben Sasser, who says he smells violence coming.

I agree, and feel stroingly that it will be a case of the violent left’s paid thugs attacking non-violent Conservatives and centrists in their quest for a Communist paradise, gulags and all, to replae our free enterprise system.

It is up to our leaders, and in particularly Attorney General Jeff Sessions to bring justice to to Charlottesville, and put a stop to the violence organizing groups, the paid protestors, and bring justice to those still waiting for justice to catch up with those who harm people to advance the worst form of government ever invented by ingenious and power mad humans.

Until that day comes, the threat of violence hangs over us all. Keep your security within reach, wherever you are, and be patient. Justice will come – eventually.


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