ANTI “Spreads Misinformation” About Gun Control

The Tampa Bay Times reports ANTI-gun Senator Billl Nelson, is “spreading misinformation” after the Parkland shooting.

And when he is challenged, The TB Times says Nelson “defers” his answers.

The story is at the link, of course, so clicck on over and see what Nelson is up to.

But remember, Nelson’s intent, like his political party, aims to erase American’s gun rights. Hopefully, the good people of Florida will decide to sent Nelson free to join his buddies on K street, with the other Members of Congress turned lobbyist.


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2 Responses to ANTI “Spreads Misinformation” About Gun Control

  1. harp1034 says:

    Who is going to replace him? Rick ” Traitor ” Scott? Twiddiedumb and twiddiedumber.

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks for a good question, Harp. I do not know who will be trying to send Nelson to Lobby Street. Still, on the basis of evil done, Scott has proposed doing far less damage than Nelson does between a single sunrise and the following sunset.

    Further, Nelson is kept on a choke collar in the form of instant loss of seniority and committee assignments if he displeases the Party, meaning Hillary, Tom Perez, Keith Elliot, and the rest of the big tim Progressives in charge.

    While Scott will never be a first choice, I had much rather have him that Nelson.


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