ANTI Pub Asks Why So Little Gun Research In The US

I cancelled my subscription to the Scientific American when they published a hit piece by an anti, Frank, or Francis, or Frances, Zimring.

There were already dozens of serious studies out there, studies that given the Scientific American’s coverage and credibility, could have saved trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives. Instead, SA chose to publish a thrown together filler based on the fallicy “Guns cause crime so outlawing guns will stop crime.”

Since then, SA has published Zimring several times, along with other similar masterworks, but there have been no, absolutely none, items that start with a blank sheet of paper and let the facts lead where they will.

And that is why thee is so little published materiel on the actual effects of gun control legilation, of the effect civilian gun ownership has on crmie, or on much of anything else that reflects the facts in the streets.

For most serious stdents of the issue, the choice is simple, sself-publish, or drop it.

And that is why a few serous studies, Dr. John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime” among them, have seen print. A few more serious studies have been self published. But the overwhelming majority of proper studies are gathering dust.


NB: Apologies to my regulars for the repetition.

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