ANTI Mitch Landrieu Talks Through His Hat

There is an old expression, “Talking through his hat,” indicating someone is expounding on something with no knowledge of his or her subject.

I hve not found a video, but I I hear New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is talking through his hat again. Again, because the video below is at least the tenth time the young man has been caught saying the same thing about gun control:

Chicago’s problem is a product of gun laws that deny the law abiding any effective means of self defense; tolerance for traffickers bringing stolen guns into the city, most stolen in Illinois: on top of an almost total absence of detectives to solve crimes; a policy of moving what few detectives away from their informants as soon as they start becoming effective, a low successful prosecution rate for the few criminals arrested, an even lower conviction rate, and lenient judges who seem to think six months probation is excessive for cold blooded murder.

New Orleans problem, Change Illinois to Louisiana and gun laws to public policy and you would have a thumbnail of New Orleans problem.

Yes, a good detective may spend five years developing a string of informants – so moving an investigator who has the tools to another precinct is foolish.

So is shorting the police the investigators they need to properly investigate every crime. A two bit offense may lead to a million dollar bust.

And yes, it costs money for good prosecuors. Just as it costs good money to keep violent offenders behind bars long enough to hurt. I understand the cost of keeping a shooter behind bars can be as high as $60,000 a year in the Pelican State. But the cost of letting Dangerous Dan the Holdup Man roam the streets now tops six million a year.

Remember that old saw about “penny wise and pound foolish?” That describes New Orleans and Louisiana’s problem. If you only spent money on what you need, and insisted on value for money, you would have plenty of cash to get the job done.


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