Anti-Gun Rag Says Accidental gun Deaths Up

The anti-gun St Louis Post Dispatch, which has swallowed camels and raised cain at Gnats and trivialities in its attempts to smear the most law American Demographic now claims that gun sales have risen due to increased gun sales.

tp tjpse wjp cammpt dp basic research, the increase in population from 208 million to 326 million population provides all the justification to support such a monstrous like that is needed or called for. After all, most readers re dumb and unsophisticated residents of flyover country who will never know the difference.

But in 1959 190 million Americans sufered an estimated 6,750 accidental firearms deaths. By 1972, that total ad declined to only 1,800. And by 2015, the last year data from the CDC’s WISQARS found 3320,800,000 Americans suffered a total of just

Fpr a longer term view of accidental gun deaths, the cahrt below lists the accidental firearms death rate was 3.3 times higher than the murder rate.

Today, the accidental firearms death rate is estimated to be 0.14 per 100,000 population. o rone fortieth (2.5%) of the homicide rate

And why is the homicide rate so high: That increase is almost entirely due to the gun control the St. Louis Post Dispatch has says have made us all safer.

As witnessed by this chart form U.s. Government homicide numers from the Census Bureau, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


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