Anti-Gun Omaha Mayor needs A Reality Check

In a very real sense, Nebraska is to states, Douglas County with Omaha as the county seat; and the rest of the Cornhusker State.

While the rest of Nebraska is a very safe place, Omaha, with restrictive gun laws, a quarter of Nebraska’s total population, is a different story. The city had 29 of Nebraska’s 59 murders and violent crime rates all out of proportion to its population.

Omaha is not as bad as Chicago, but for its excellent economic factors and demographics that point toward very low crime rates, the city of 446,000 had a 290murders in 2016. ccompare that to El Paso, with far higher poverty rates, a far higher crime base demographic, and only 16 murders in 2016. Giving the border city a homicide rate of 2.4 per 100,000 compared to Omaha’s 7.0 rate in 2016, and

And Omaha’s 2017 preliminary numbers suggest a 9 percent overall rise in murder and violent crime, while media reports another peaceful year for El Paso, where there are almost no restrictions on gun ownership.

Yeet Omaha’s mayor seems to be entirely out of touch with reality, as this video clip clearly shows:

Suttle misses very few of the gun ban lobbies talking points, as he admits we have Second Amendment rights. Rights which he wishes to destroy by passing laws like Omaha’s permit to purchase ordinance. An ordinance that enables those who do not buy guns at a legitimate dealers. and abridges the ability of the law abiding to suppress violence on their streets, in the stores and malls they frequent, and yes, even in the schools their children attend.

The historical numbers suggest Omaha would be far better off without its res gun laws, and without its Democrats. But you would never convince this mayor that his Party’s rule or run attitude on gun rights is responsible for his city’s crime problem. Bt the numbers say gun control is responsible for Omaha’s, and Americas, crime problems.


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