ANTI Gets Prize For Gun Control Lies

The Hartford Courant reports Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy has earned himself a little reward of three Pinnoccio’s for claiming gun control cuts crime.

here’s a chart of the FBI numbers on Connecticut’s violent crime rate from 1960, and this link goes to a spreadsheet where you can confirm the numbers without going down to Police Headquarters:

From 1950 to the advent of gun control, approximately 1 Connecticut resident in 2,500 reported a violent crime to the police. But in 1996, after 54 years of gun control campaigns and gun control laws, 1 Connecticut resident in 440 reported being violent victimized.

From a personal viewpoint, that is a 600 percent increase in the risk of becoming a victim of a violent crime. That is in line with world results of gun control, but it is more than double the mean American increase in violent crime after gun control.

Give him some more Pinoccios, Hartford cournat. He hass earned them.


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