Anti Defamation League Has Guts In Uproar About Gun Control

The first time I read this I thoguth it was a prank, like the recent “shoot the hurricane” prank.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency solemly reports the Anti-Defamation League is upset because an author who wrote that gun control disarmed German Jews and so assisted the Holocaust will testify Congress.

Since that is a matter of historical fact, and no one should tamper with historical fact I see nothing alarming about the man’s testimony. And, since German Jews were among the groups that suffered the worst effects of gun ban imposed by British Prime Minister David Lloyd Geroge as a part of the negotiations that resulted in the Treaty of Versailles, there is nothing disreputable about giving Congress the facts.

Which are that Lloyd-George was awakened in the wee hours to decide whether or not German citizens could keep their sporting and target firearms. The Prim Minister’s reply was prompt and profane, amounting to “confiscate them all.”

So Germany was disarmed. In 1928 German railways were faced with a theft problem,and rairoad employees were encouraged to arm themselves. Other classes of workers were added to the exempt list until in 1933 a NAZI Parti membership card was the only lawful gun permit.

In 1934 NAXI Partei members were encouraged to arm themselves. In 1937 the possession of a firearm by a Jew, roma, or other subhuman, (or oder untermenchen) was made punishable by a hefty fine and years in prison.

Disarmed and unable to resist tyranny, turned turned away from the United States, and reported refused by Canada, European Jews had no choice but to comply with orders to get on the cattle cars and be transported to the death camps.

There is nothing defamatory about telling how a people became victims of tyranny. But in these circumstances, criticism of those who tell the truth is a crime against humanity.

The ADL should be ashamed of itself.


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