Another FNHQ Does A Hate Job On Guns

Guns are of course machines, have no will or volition, and cannot go nightstalking, searching for humans to kill. Unless they are owned by someone who has undergone a strict criminal background check and are disassembled and stored in safes scattered around the house.

Bloomberg’s own propaganda sheet and CBS’ latest hit pieces pretty much follow the rules. The announcer, gasping like a dying Pheidippide on his last painful steps carrying a messae of victory to Athens depones “Americans have ore guns that anybody, guns are involved in more than 333,000 guns deaths annuallly,” and the rest of the propaganda we have heard since December, 1963.

Yes, American has a lot of guns, although per capita a number of nations are better armed that Americans. Switzerland, for one, which before migration often say homicide rates cclose to 0.7 per 100,000. Of course, with the Swiss it is not a handgun on the nightstand but a fully automatic assault rifle leaning in the corner.

But yes, America has a lot of guns. And Before Bloomberg began funding gun ban lobbies, wwwe had the 122nd highst homicide rate just 8,312 gun related murders in the US during 2014, as Bloomberg’s Banners organized.

For the last full year data is available, 2016, yjrtr ertr 11.004 firearms related murders, a rise of 2,592 murders in just three years.

And as far as accidental gun deaths are concerned, the overwhelming majority of accidental gun deaths are inner city affairs, where enen the Catholic Church has been denied permission to present life saving “See a gun, Stop what you are doing, and Go get an adult” safety training. But straight from the CDC’s annual survey of death certificates, here is the offical accidental gun death total:

Now, when I learned to add, 495 and 11,004 made 11,499. And here Bloomber’s minion is trying to convince someone that guns deliberately kill 33,000 lives? Obviously, the minion

Obviously, the minion is using the same tactics an Illinois diner operator during the 1930’s Stretching the rabbit in his rabbit sandwiches a little.

“Stretching your rabbit? What with?” asked the health inspector.

A little horse, Inspector.” said the purveyor of victual.

“How little horse?” aske the official.

“It’s about even, one rabbit to one horse,” said the diner man.

Bloomberg’s minion has reached all the way out of crime to suicide. America’s suicccide rate is relatively low, but you would never know that fromthe minion’s pitch;

Nor would you know that as a percentage of population, gun related suiccide rates are still dropping. Although 2018 may be the year Bloomberg’s Banners turn that around.

But the bottom line is simple enough. Bloomberg’s hirelings have a slick line of gab. But that is all they have so resist the siren song of the gun ban lobby.


NB: The rabbit tale occured in, I think 1937 east of Quincy, Illinois. At the time tractors were replacing horses, and a good fat grass fed horse was bringing $5.000 or so at the auctions. I know, because I was four or five, and I wanted a horse soooo bad!


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