Another Cain Accuser Surfaces

Bloomberg reports an Atlanta woman, Ginger White, says she had a 13 year affair with Presidential candidate Herman Cain.

In appears any Republican candidate for any political office will have to survive a constant stream of serious accusations. Whether Cain has done anything at all wrong remains utterly unproven. Since there are no saints in American politics, it is safe to assume that Democrats are at least as guilty of these sins as Republicans – but at present Republicans have very few friends in the old media.

The quickest way to stop this idiocy is simply not to buy the newspapers and “news magazines” that promulgate and propagate this slime. While those responsible for smearing those with whom they do not agree seemingly care little for either truth or readers – their advertisers care greatly about both.

If the readers leave, so will the advertisers. And if the advertisers leave, the axelrodian fleerers will be left to find gainful employment elsewhere. Hopefully in the most appropriate job for them, digging the muck out of sewers with their bare hands.



The Washington Times Kerry Picket ran a background check on Ginger White, Herman Cain’s latest accuser. Ms. White’s background is similar to that of another Cain accuser, Sharon Bialek. Click here and hold your nose.


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