Another ANTI Will Not Run

FOX News reports Rep. Sandor Levin (ANTI6) will not run for a 9th term next November.

Levin is the second ANTI to deccide to retire, The numbers are not surprising, the timing of the first two, with more than 11 months until the general election, is. We generally do not see retirement announcements until close to the filing deadline, to make it difficult for qualified opposition party candidates to make a decision.


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3 Responses to Another ANTI Will Not Run

  1. 2aguy says:

    I didn’t see a good place for this…so I submit this here…

    I don’t know if you are aware of this show, Showtimes “Active Shooter”…… it is a documentary series on active shooter events. I watched the Aurora episode, and the Columbine episode….and from actual survivor statements, you can see that even in Aurora, had there been someone in the theater with a gun, the killer could have been engaged, and possibly stopped. They interviewed a psychiatrist who interviewed the killer. The killer stated he wanted the murders to be impersonal…so he didn’t shoot the people who were initially right in front of him. He entered, and fired over their heads into the more distant seats. Then, victims who were wounded, stated that after emptying his shotgun, his rifle with the 100 round drum magazine jammed…and as he stood there trying to clear the jam, people ran out of the theater…which means had they had guns, they could have fired on him and saved lives…since he then drew his pistol and continued to shoot. Columbine…again…the shooters could have been engaged by someone with a gun….

    It is an interesting series, just two episodes in, admittedly, and there isn’t the overt, anti gun advocacy.

    In the First episode there are two parents who are advocates…..but they are advocates for “No Notoriety” where they want the media to stop glamorizing, glorifying and giving attention to these shooters.

  2. Stranger says:

    HI Bill: Since I do not watch TV – except in the doctors office betweeen segments on making scrumptious greens I was not aware of that.


  3. 2aguy says:

    Here are some notes from the episode on the Orlando, Pulse shooting ….

    Just finishing the Orlando, Pulse Nightclub shooting……

    Keep in mind in the Aurora shooting episode and the Columbine shooting episode…they actually named the 3 shooters and discussed personal details about them….in this episode, not one mention of the shooter, his name or the reason he did what he did…in fact, a reporter they interviewed for the show who went to the scene as it was happening…said they still didn’t know why he did it…..

    This is from Wikipedia…the hiding of the name of the shooter, and his motivation is really twisted……

    In a 9-1-1 call shortly after the shooting began, Mateen swore allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and said the shooting was “triggered” by the U.S. killing of Abu Waheeb in Iraq the previous month.

    Now….watching this episode….again, if there had been people inside that Nightclub with concealed guns….they could have shot the shooter and saved lives…

    The first thing I noticed was how small the rooms in the club actually were….I had always imagined them to be a lot bigger…they were tiny, very enclosed.

    Another thing…as the police arrive you see through their body cams….they all start pulling out AR-15 rifles from their car trunks….

    There was plenty of opportunity for the wounded and other survivors in the club to have used guns to stop this shooter….had they been allowed to have guns in this gun free zone…

    The shooter reloaded, the shooter walked into the bathrooms, through the door of those bathrooms where 15-17 people were hiding in each room…..and a door way is the best place to shoot someone because it is a small space…and it is hard to use a rifle coming around that corner….the people in the bathrooms, in the stalls…..sat there unable to respond as the shooter washed his hands and dried them with the drier. One man fell off of the toilet seat he was hiding on, and his back was exposed to the shooter…..the shooter simply reached down and touched his back, and didn’t shoot him.

    If this nightclub had not been a gun free zone…lives could have been saved. You had survivors in the bathrooms asking the 911 operators why the police weren’t coming in to save them…they were told they had injured in the bathrooms who were in danger of bleeding out…they were using cell phones to stay in contact with 911, so they could have easily used a concealed gun to shoot or distract the shooter….it was hours before the police made their entry and engaged the shooter.

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