Anniversery Forgotten: One Year Of Concealed Carry In Wisconsin

Glancing at last year’s calendar, I see Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Weapons Law went into effect one year ago yesterday. Of course, CCW had a chilling effect on Wisconsin’s criminals even before it was signed into law. And the results of CCW track very well with the initial results of other, similar laws.

Violent crime rates down, from 248.9 to 236.9 and homicides down from 2.7 to 2.4 are good things. Even if some complain about the slightly increased number of self defense cases.

And what Wisconsin look for in the future? A slow decline in violent crime, and in any violent face to face confrontation. There will certainly be times when an outbreak of organized violence, from flash mobs to gang wars, send the crime rates bouncing up, but the long term trend will be down.

Now, we have our work cut out for us. Illinois is an anti-gun state. So are California, New Jersey and New York. And our Nation’s Capital is also anti-gun. There are more, of course. But those are the big targets. Get the crime rates there down, and we will begin to have a handle on crime.


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