And Cornyn0Fiensteing Wins The Popularity Prize

By far the most popular item in gun control news is praise for the Cornyn-Feinstein bill that would supposedly impel military clerks to file criminal court martial with the NICS system.

From the laudatory editorials one would be led to believe the bill is the greatest thing since a cave man dropped a slab of fresh aurochs on a fire and discovered the taste was improved.

In reality, while the move is probably desirable, it cannot be expected to affect more than a few people – who will still be able to buy street guns and have money left for ammunition.

It is odd that the anti’s, who claim they are so concerned with saving human lives, will applaud bills with very limited utility – and flatly refulse to supproot measures to stop the gun trafficking that ams the underworld and provides weapons that will be used to kill more than 10.000 Americans this year.

It is not, as “Pitchfork” Hayes said about the machine that would “crank out dollar bills as long as you crank the handle” Soappy Smith was peddling for five bucks. “It ain’t logical.”


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