An Overview Of ATF’s “Operation Fearless,” apparently designed to arm criminals

Red State as an overview of the ATF’s Milwaukee “storefront” Operation called “Fearless.” I have posted several times about the Operation, which provided fully automatic and other NFA weapons to the Milwaukee/Chicago area criminal underworld.

Briefly quoting the Red State report linked above:

While nearly everyone is familiar with Operation Fast & Furious, the failed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) scheme to create facts that would lead to gun control laws in the United States, fewer are familiar with a similar program run in Milwaukee, WI called Operation Fearless. Where Fast & Furious was a combination of maliciousness and epic incompetence that has led to the deaths of hundreds of people, including a US Border Patrol agent, Operation Fearless is a veritable clown car stupidity.

The list of similar operations includes Operations I had rumors of, but no positive results. Portland, Albuquerque, and Pensacola will join Hammond, Indiana; Minneapolis, and Charlotte on my list of known or probable ATF Domestic Operations.

And the only real question I have is why the author went so easy on those responsible for the series of debacles.


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