Amusing: Texas Professor Wears Body Armor

Since GHW Bush signed the “Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 into law school mass murders on school campuses have multiplied and become more lethal. Before GFZ90, some teacher will tel a would be suitor the equivalent of “begone, varlet,” and he would walk into her classroom a few days later and soothe get his revenge.

Now, with almost 27 full years of mandatory gun free campuses, we have far more and far more lethal mass murders on school campuses.

Texas recently passed a law allowing concealed carry on Texas college campuses. That is not a n concept, and history tells us the typical result is a six fold reduction of the risk of being shot while on campus. After all, the typical Modus Operandi for an active killer is to kill as many helpless victims as possible, and then commit suicide.

But FOX is showing his wit and wisdom, not to mention manhood for the favor the Texas Legislature did him by making his life so much safer.

This prof is wearing wearing mil-spec body armor to work.

Obviously, some people do not appreciate small favors like discouraging active killers and saving their life.


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  1. Wu Chang says:

    He might want to ‘plate up’ if he really

  2. Stranger says:

    He looks pretty flabby to me. I doubt that he could bear the load.


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