Amusing: Dicky Blumenthal Defines Insanity, And Himself

Amusingly, Connecticut Senator Dickey Blumenthal defines insanity as “doing that whch has failed before, again.”

Now, Dicky was Connecticut AG, and has much to do with Connecticut’s draconian, and failed, gun control laws and the near collapse of Connecticut’s mental health system, both factors that contrubed to the Newtown mass murder, among other horrors.

Now polluting the Senate is one of the loudest voices in favor of gun bans. Yet Dicky Blumenthal is on tape as saying – defining himself as insane.

And perhaps he is. After all, here are some of the bloody results of the laws he helped impose, and that he wants to copy on the Federal level:

We have more than 57,750 restrictive gun laws isnce 1495,all bloody failures just like the ones Dicky Blumenthal helped impose on the law abiding in his own State. and the young man wants to impose the same laws that have failed so many times before on all of us.

Over in Australia, they have a healthy snack consisting meringue, baked at high heat or microwaved until the meringue is form,and topped with chunked fruit – or what have you. Even six year old Aussie children made Pavlovas for an after school snack.

But Dickie Blumenthal would find some way to make it inedible – and boast about it.


NB: Media reports make it clear that the reported decline in violent crime after 2013 is a case of what our fellow member of the Anglosphere, Great Britain describes as “fiddling the figures.” Or underreporting,short counting,or the unflattering but accurate “fraud.”

My apologies, I was distracted and forgot to work the link to the crimes Connecticut’s Law Enforcement Agenices reported to the FBI in. Click here.

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