An Almost Total Ban On Guns Has Not Stopped Mass Shootings In Europe

Fox News reports that even more restrictive gun laws than the Democrats propose have not stopped mass shootings in Europe.

To give you an idea of just how restrictive those laws are, Poland, a nation of 35 million, has only 22,000 registered guns. Why?

If a Polish citizen wants to own a gun, they must joing a hunt club, which is not in itself an easy process. They must be a member for more than a year before they may apply for a permit to obtain a gun. And they must be recommended by three or more members of their hunt club.

But there is a “back door” way to obtain a permit to purchase. Join a German hunt club. Germany has very similar laws to Poland, and Poland recognizes German hunt club membership and member recommendations toward a Polish permit to purchase.

But as rigid as their gun laws are, mass shootings with illegally possessed guns is common.

So gun control is a failure in Europe, not a success.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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7 Responses to An Almost Total Ban On Guns Has Not Stopped Mass Shootings In Europe

  1. 2aguy says:

    Stranger……I found this today on gun crime in Britain…the shooters are getting younger…
    Top trauma surgeon reveals shocking extent of London’s gun crime

    A leading trauma surgeon has told how the number of patients treated for gunshot injuries at a major London hospital has doubled in the last five years.


    He said the hospital’s major trauma centre had seen a bigger rise in gunshot injuries compared to knife wounds and that the average age of victims was getting younger.


    Last year, gun crime offences in London increased for a third year running and by 42 per cent, from 1,793 offences in 2015/16 to 2,544 offences in 2016/17. Police have seized 635 guns off the streets so far this year.

    Dr Griffiths, who also teaches medical students, said: “Our numbers of victims of gun injury have doubled [since 2012]. Gunshot injuries represent about 2.5 per cent of our penetrating trauma.


    Dr Griffiths said the average age of gun crime victims needing treatment at the hospital had decreased from 25 to the mid to late teens since 2012.

    He added that medics at the Barts Health hospital’s major trauma centre in Whitechapel had seen a bigger rise in patients with gun injuries rather than knife wounds and that most were caused by pistols or shotguns.

    Met Police commander Jim Stokley, who was also invited to speak at the meeting, said that handguns and shotguns were the weapons of choice and that 46 per cent of London’s gun crime discharges were gang-related.

    He said: “We believe that a lot of it is associated with the drugs trade, and by that I mean people dealing drugs at street level and disagreements between different gangs.”

  2. Stranger says:

    Hi Bill, Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, Britain’s shooters are pretty much following the same track American’s shooters are. Younger, from single parent homes, who feel nobody cares for them so they care for nobody. Reportedly, the cost of a handgun has dropped to 200 Pounds, about half of what the same gun was a decade ago, and it is easiy for a hulking yo to acquire that much loot

    So according to the Office of National Statistics, violent crime is rising at a rate of 27 to 29 percent per year, and the overburdened police are in the same shape ours are in. They jug the yobs 0 and meet them on the street as they exit headquarters.

    And in the meantime, the only proffered solution is as useful as lipstick on a gopher, more gun control.


  3. FirstWilly says:

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  4. Stranger says:

    Well, Willy, if it were money I wanted, there are many easier ways to make money. And if I wanted fame I would not go by Stranger. What I really want is for everyone to live without being preyed on by politicians and other criminals.

    And there should properly be no price on that.


  5. Stranger says:

    I have been hit with that many times. Back before the internet allowed quick fact checking it the “more people have been killed by guns in the United States than by enemy action in all our wars” or some variation of that may times. And if you consider all the 200 plus years the United States has been a nation, against the 40 r so years the U.S. has been at war, it is almost true.

    But on the other hand, the US had 125 years in which the murder rate never topped 1.7 per 100,000, and the population was relatively Between 1775 and 1991 Battle deaths including the Indian Wars totaled 660..919. Assuming the absurd, that all murder victims were shot to death…

    Yes, combining gun related murders and suicides, “gun violence” Probably passed battle deaths in 1997. BIT before gun control gun deaths were losing badly.

    As a result, I am surprised that any informed person would pull that old potboiler out of the closet.


    murder victims. After the first Regularly enforced gun control laws were imposed in 10-5 the 86 year period between 1905 and 1991 contributed

  6. KaraSmall says:

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  7. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Kara.

    Yes, we are aware of duplicate content, broken links, missing graphics, and other problems. Given that the Alley is a very large site with morethan 40,000 items to shepherd straightening things out can take some time. Of course, having my house severely damaged by a tornado earlier this year has sharply ctu into the time I have for the Alley, and I can tell the difference.

    Worse, hosting companies have lost two servers from under the Alley this year, and a plugin malfunction put is down a week.

    It is time to clean up the Alley and remove the debris from past trainwreckes and server failures. speeding things up in January.


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