Alernet Says The Experts Keep Missing The Point

I see Alternet, the far left webstie reportedly set up by George Soros to spread teh poison of missing the point on gun control.

in a rational society, the point of the purpose of restrictions on privately owned weapons would be to keep the ruling eite alive.

Alternately, the point of restrictive gun laws would be to prevent the law abiding from coming to the defense of htier rulers.

As a second alternative the purpose of restrictions on civilian weapns would be to keep criminals from obtaining weapons and victimizing the citizens.

The only true, and disgraceful answer is the first, to keep the ruling elite alive after they have stolen too much from the commons.

So it is neither the Republicans nor the public that misses the point of gun control. and misses that point rather badly.

But then, what do you expect from a bull Socialist.


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