Add ObamaControl To National Reciprocity??

Rep. Thomas Massie warns Republican leadership is planning on adding Obama style gun controls too the National CCW Recognition bill currently before the House.

Briefly quoting the Breitbart report linked above, the Kentucky Republican warned:

Massie explains that the Obama-style gun controls are contained in the “fix-NICS” legislation, the very legislation that House Leadership “plans to merge” with H.R. 38. He used a Facebook post to explain the “fix-NICS” legislation would allow “agencies, not just courts, to adjudicate your second amendment rights.”

Fix-NICSS is Senator Chris Murphy (ANTI-CT) bill, co-sponsored by Senator John Cornyn, who at least used to be a friend of our community.

This one will take some careful watching, since we have ever reason to distrust the authors of a bill to fix what is not actually broken.

If the price of CCW reciprocity is Obama’s gun owner registry, the bill must not pass. Professor Rudolph Rummel and have proven the death toll from 20th Century owner registries is well over 262 million.

We need and deserve a series of clean bills that do no more than they say they they are intended to do. And we need to send the Vidkun Quisling’s into permanent retirement.


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