According To The Latest, Anti’s Are In Trouble

Several reports in this morning’s political news say that ten of the Democratic Senators who must either run or retire in 2018 represent Trump majority States.Another half dozen are on shaky ground.

Here’s the list of “reun or retire” Democratic Senators, all but one very vocal anti-gun activists:

1. Baldwin, Tammy – (D – WI) *

2. Brown, Sherrod – (D – OH)

3. Cantwell, Maria – (D – WA)

4. Cardin, Benjamin L. – (D – MD)

5. Carper, Thomas R. – (D – DE)

6. Casey, Robert P., Jr. – (D – PA) I

7. Donnelly, Joe – (D – IN)

8. Feinstein, Dianne – (D – CA)

9. Gillibrand, Kirsten E. – (D – NY)

10. Heinrich, Martin – (D – NM)

11. Heitkamp, Heidi – (D – ND)

12. Hirono, Mazie K. – (D – HI)

13. Kaine, Tim – (D – VA)

14. King, Angus S., Jr. – (I – ME)

15 Klobuchar, Amy – (D – MN)

16. Manchin, Joe, III – (D – WV)

17. McCaskill, Claire – (D – MO)

18. Menendez, Robert – (D – NJ)

19. Murphy, Christopher – (D – CT) I

20 Nelson, Bill – (D – FL)

21. Sanders, Bernard – (I – VT)

22. Stabenow, Debbie – (D – MI)

23.0Tester, Jon – (D – MT)

24.0Warren, Elizabeth – (D – MA)

25. Whitehouse, Sheldon – (D – RI)

It should be understood that Democrat’s allegiance is to the Party, and they must either vote as the Party orders, or risk losing their seniority and committee assignments if they vote their conciseness. One Senator, #11 on the list, South Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, has been far less active than the rest of these Socialist Senators, and were it not for Party requirements would likely make a good representative for her constituents. The other 24 are gun banners, with all that implies.

We are a few days over 17 months from the 2018 elections. It is time to find a good and responsible candidate. The requirements are not high, look what they will be running against. And while we need at least two dozen more Tom Cotton’s, we are not going to get them. So we will have to be happy if the candidate has a clean record, no history of occult activity, and still has a functioning brain.

This is our opportunity to put responsible people in the Senate, so let us take advantage of opportunity.


* Member, Democratic Socialists of America

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