ABTU’s’s Coming For The Guns

Despote the confirmed fact that the Las Vegas murder weapon is as tightly “controlled” as any weapon onearth, the titular head of the Democratic Partei wants them – regulated,meaning confiscated.

As in the Pulse Orland shooting, where local law prohibited concealed carry in a night club, Los Vegas prohibits carrying a concealed weapon in a casino and strongly inhibiting carrying a concealed weapon on the Strip. Either way, the law makes people sitting ducks for the criminal and the violent.

But the Democrats insist disarming the law abiding while allowing cimrinals to carry as they please reduces crime: Brieflyi quoting the FOX News report linked above:

And as with the Pulse attack, the Las Vegas shooting led to prompt calls from Democrats for gun legislation, though the party has struggled to tighten laws even when the Obama administration was in power.

Though details are still emerging about Sunday’s massacre, Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, took to Twitter to hammer the NRA over a push to ease federal rules for silencers.

Even the titular head of the Partei, Hillary Rodham C., has to get her oar in, calling for gun controls that amount to a prelude to confiscation.

The Democrats have 25, of 48, Senators and every member of the House of Representatives up for reelection in 2018.

Our community is the majority, we have history and the facts on our side. While there are a few Senators who are probably not vulnerable, we have it within our power to send 20 ANTI-Party Senators into permanent retirement. All we hae to do is vote and vote to suppress crime with relaxed gun laws.

I am ready to roll, so lets go.


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