About Colorado’s “Soaring Murder Rates”

Taken from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, here is the Colorado homicide rate since 1960, as reported by Colorado Law Enforcement agencies to the Bureau for the years 1960 to 2011, inclusive:


While Colorado’s position as a major distribution hub for drugs and other illegal goods has resulted in gang warfare and wild swings in the homicide rate, the decline in the murder rates are obvious. In fact, the relaxation of Colorado’s gun laws resulted in a 2011 homicide rate of only 69 percent of the 1960 homicide rate.

Now, claiming that death and destruction rule Colorado streets, Democratic legislators want to throw all the progress relaxed gun laws have enabled out the window. The fact is that violent crime in Colorado is in decline, with a 53.3 percent decline in the homicide rate and a 45 percent decline in violent crime between 1991 and 2011.

Don’t let the Democrats get their way. They are real killer dillers.


About Stranger

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