Abolish All Weapons? Thanks but no thanks

Breitbart reports a group of anti war protesters are calling for banning all weapons.

Considering the vast range of potential weapons and the vast range of things that can be used as weapons I suspect they have been raiding Moonbeam Brown’ fairy dust stash.

The original deadly weapon was a hand, which can be used as a bludgeon or to strangle a victim. Rocks, Cain’s weapon of choice, were second, and using sinew to hold a pointed stone in the cleft of a stick increased the potential lethality of an individual by many times.

Of course, the fairy dust folk could say they were only talking about nuclear weapons. President Ronald Reagan put his finger on that problem when he said “Trust but verify.”

It would be easy to trust the NORK’s – but effective verification is not possible. Nor is it possible to verify any other contry’s scrapping nuclear weapons. Nor is it particularly desirable to do so.

Since the first proto-human balled up his fist and hit one of his or her fellows it has been “Hit me, get hit.” This tit for tat relationship continues to this day, where the polich is described as MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. “Nuke my country, and get nuked ten times as much.”

MAD has been the peacekeeper for thousands of years. Here in the real world, the safest socities are the most heavily armed, a fact of life that is easy to prove.

Banning weapons insures that only those who will abuse those weapons have them. And that is not by any means a good thing.


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4 Responses to Abolish All Weapons? Thanks but no thanks

  1. 2aguy says:


    I was doing some research for a gun thread on another site, debating gun banners, and I discovered that, according to the Mother Jones Mass Public Shooting Data base, that 18-20 rifles with magazines were used in mass public shootings…..over 35 years….1982-2017. This seemed to me to be an important factoid when discussing this issue…since there are well over 8 million of these rifles in private hands…..and I believe over 5 million are AR-15s….so out of 8 million rifles….20 were used in mass public shootings over 35 years…..murdering a total of about 164 people. And as you know, according to the FBI, knives are used to murder 1,500 people every single year….Do you think this is a relevant debate point? Could it persuade fence sitters that banning these rifles is dumb?

  2. Stranger says:

    Hi Bill: Five million Sprot Utiitly Rifles was passed a long time ago One importer reportedly has brought over, as I recall,3,400,000 units, and they are far from the only importer. Add domestic production and you have a lot of guns.

    I could guess, but let me had that off to the Basket Weaver,who does wonders with analysis, andsee if she can parse the data and come up with a clcloser answer. It will be slow,the retired physicist sells a lot of baskets.


  3. 2aguy says:


    I used the Mother Jones mass shooting data, because one, they are anti gun so it is harder for the anti gunners to complain about the data, and two, they list all of the mass shootings including all the details, including the weapon used…and they have most of that data where you can read it…some of it is hard to tell….a .22 ruger rifle….could be a bolt action…right? So it wouldn’t apply…..

  4. Stranger says:

    Good Morning, Bill:

    Yes, it is harder for the an tis to complain about data from their side.

    But on the other hand it is likely we will reach 270.00,000 NICS checks by Labor Day, meaning sales of at least 180 million new guns is less than 19 years. But Big Banner Bloomberg’s propagandiss willtell you in all seriousness that there are only 40,000,000 gun owners and 150,000 guns; the average life of a gun is 22 years, and that the U.S.has fewer than forty million gun owners and 140 million guns.

    recent surveys peg the number of residences with one or more guns at more than 89 million, the number of guns at almost 750 million, and market surveys show the service life of a gun is more than a century.

    Even the banners own polls show there are more than 67 million homes with one or more guns, yet we have had this 40 million, 150 million, 22 year fiction since 1975.

    Pegging the number of Sport Utility Rifles lets them point out “how few” there are, so there will be no hardship for those whose guns are stolen at gunpoint.And that is something we cannot let them getaway with.


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