A Typical Gun Control Rant From The Gazette-

The has a typical “To heck with the facts, my mind is made up” anti-gun hit piece.

In 1982 the Carter Administration’s Wright Rossi Report conducted the first widespread prison survey, and concluded that the presence or possible presence of a gun prevented 2,200,000 serous crimes a year.

From that, the idea that increasing the number of people who might have guns might lower crime, and the “smut issue License to Carry” was born and run through the Florida legislature. The result is quite easy to see in this chart, taken from the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Juste Statistics shows what happened when “Must Issue” became common starting in 1993:

As a Result of “Must Issue” and other relaxations in our gun laws, some recent prison surveys find first, that less than one percent of persons convicted of a firearms facilitated crime have ever tried to purchase a gun from a dealer, and second that the possible presence of a gun prevents up to eleven million serous crimes a year.

But the Gazette evidently cares not a whit for the crimes prevented or averted, the thousands of criminals whose career ends at the point of a citizens gun, or much of anything except “my mind is made up, guns must die.”

Briefly quoting the Gazette item linked above:

roadly speaking, this “good guy with a gun” approach to prevent mass shootings comes from hybrid roots that include diffuse but questionable readings of history projected onto the present by political leaders, decisively debunked social science research, and, of course, a non-trivial but also non-representative set of anecdotes. The essence of the proposition is simple: The best thing for stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Of course, I could post links to study after study, survey after survey, and it would not make any difference. Their minds are set in concrete, and there is nothing to do but avoid them.


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