A Tampa Church Sets A Good Example

The Tampa Bay Times reports a a Tampa church has set an extraordinarily good example.

Briefly quoting the Tampa Bay Times report linked above

f you are an evildoer wishing to bring harm to the members of River at Tampa Bay Church, don’t expect congregants to turn the other cheek.

They’ll blast you.

So says a sign at the church, at 3738 River International Drive in Tampa, that delivers a stark warning to anyone thinking of wreaking havoc.

In posting a warning he church has made a safe have nor the neighborhood, an anchor point for th elaw abiding, and a place of safety for those in fear. All those are good things in this time of uncertainty.

Many think of Jesus as a “Prince of Peace,” taking Jesus injunction not to resist evil but to “turn the other cheek. While that is good advice, it is not much good when someone is trying to kill you.

I would suggest find a copy of the Jefferson Bible, “The Collected Words of Jesus,” and read that for an hour or so.

The world view revealed is far different than that usually thought of as Christian – and far less inclined to give compulsion a third chance.


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