“A Soldier Raise Right”

The Dailiy Mail has a heartwarming report on a soldier in uniform standing in the rain to give a passing funeral procession a final salute.

Te Daily Mail reports the soldier’s “State raised him right.”

Perhaps so, but honoring a comrade with a final salute dates back to pre-roman days. And then there i a very wide range of customs as well.

My wife, who is a “Souhren girl and she is just a daisy,” to quote an old shanty, was amazed at the fact no one “pulled off the four lane and stopped” to honor a funeral procession.

Mentioning it a day or so later, our daughter in law was amazed tghat anyone would stop on the shoulder to honor a dead person.

“What do you do if there is no shoulder to pull off on,” she asked.

“Block traffic until the funeral is past,” was my bride of 63 years reply.

Whatever the reason for standing in the rain to honor either a funeral or the guest of honor, it was the right thing to do.


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