A Reminder Of The Harvard Study Of Gun Control

Small Government Times provides a precis and a link to the Harvard study of gun control; which demonstrated gun control to control crime is counterproductive.

As the Small Government Times reports:

The Harvard study attempts to answer the question of whether or not banning firearms would reduce murders and suicides. Researchers looked at crime data from several European countries and found that countries with HIGHER gun ownership often had LOWER murder rates.

By the same token, countries with very low firearms ownership rates, such as Russia, have murder rates several times that of better armed countries. In Russia’s case, the homicide rate is just over four times that of Germany, and more than five times that of the United States.

Since the text of both the Small Government Times report I will only observe that the final words of the SGT item are: “People kill people.”

From the widest possible viewpoint, gun control laws are the primary driver of high homicide rates.


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