A Mini Ice Age In The Next 30 Years?

“Mini Ice Age” has many meanings. It could be a result of the Sun’s cycles, which rage from 100 to 1,700 years, stacking up uin a way to reduce solar radiation a few percent, causing short growing season and distress.

Or it could mean something line the “Dryas and Younger Dryas” Sta dial, which dropped mean plaetary temperatures by almost 40 degrees, and created glaciers that dropped sea level by about 400 feet:


Given the wide range of meaning, from a few decades of frost to a 3,000 year planet wide deep freeze it is hard to tell just what the Daily mail means when it asks if a “mini ice age” is in our immediate future.

We could certainly be in for an extended eriod of extreme cold and drought, when most atmospheric water freezes out, creating mile thick glaciers from the mid latitudes to the poles.

If the cause of the Dryas mini ice age is cyclical, we are already past due for a “youngest Dryas.” On the other hand, it may not be, and we may only be on track for a Climate Minimum.

Click on over and keep an open mind. The Alley will be here when you click b ack.

MY opinion? is not worth a dime. The best I can do is “Not proven, by reason of a lack of data.”


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