A Mew Discovery Could Kill Global Warming?

Investors reports on a new discovery that could put at end to the “global warming” fantasy.

Essentially, we are sitting on a massive amount of unsuspected nitrogen, and that could make global warming impossible.

Which would be great if you really want a static, unchanging planet where a million years from now Old Faithful is still blowing its top on schedule. But it is not so good if you like some slow changes for variety.

One thing is for certain. I could outlive Methuselah without running out of scams. While that reminds me of my younger years, the scammers seem to have less talent and imagination than they did back then.

Back in 1949 a “mark,” a member of the corwd or “tip” Doctor H had gathered, stpped the Doc’s wife to ask if the 50 percent alcohol feel good tipple the Doctor sold would really cure all those diseases.

“I really don’t know,” replied Peggy Hale. “I only met the Doctor in 1856.”

These days the same question would just get you a scornful look. Much like the look a Democrat gives you when you question gun control’s results.


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