A Few Facts About Murder In The US

There are probably more independent countries in this world than there have ever been. The UN recognizes 195 “countries, but two have no government so in reality there are 194 independent nation states.

For homicide, which includes murder, manslaughter, “official intervention, and other form s human killing human, the United States 2015 murder rate was 122nd in the worod. If we consider only murder, “the depraved heart killing of another human being,: the United States was 135th, based on the latest data available, that for 2015.

In the United States prison surveys show murder to be almost entirely a criminal on criminal affair. While only 5 out of 8 murders are “cleared by arrest” involved killer and victim who were partners or rivals in a criminal enterprise.

But if the murders “cleared by arrest are representative of all U.S. murders, 91 percent,more than eight out of ten murders are committed by individuals who were partners or rivals in crime with their killer.

Obviously, the the United States has both murder and homicide rates that are very low in comparison with the rest of the world.

Steve Bartin’s Newsalert passes along antother set of relevant numbers, attrobited tp Ka,es Wppds/

Of upi subtrct the homicide or murder rates from 5 American Cities, three of which have banned privately owned firearms entirely:

1: Chicago (Gun ban overturned by SCOTUS)

2. Detroit (Regulations so strict they amounted to a ban)

3. Washington, D.C. (Total ban, followed by regulations)

3.) St Louis, Mo

5.) New Orleans, La (Draconian regulations)

If you subtract the murders or homicides in these gun ban cities, the United States would drop to 193rd place, with the losest murder or homicide rate on Earth.

Remember that the next time some over-degreed and under educated “journalist” blabbers about our “soaring crime rate.

Because we did not have a soaring crime rte until the gun ban industry cranked up again fter the Sandy Hook School mss murder. A murder police knoww was likely, but did nothing to prevent.


The United States drops

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